Automatic Antenna Selector FA-AS

Automatic Antenna Selector FA-AS
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Automatic Antenna Selector FA-AS

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Products description

Automatic antenna switch for Icom transceiver (see FA 12/2016), complete kit

The FA-AS makes it possible to connect four different antennas, e.g. to the IC-7300, and to select them automatically depending on the operating frequency. Operation and programming are simple and intuitive, the operating status is indicated by multi-coloured LEDs. Operation with separate transmit and receive antenna is possible. Each of the four antenna connections can be assigned to any amateur radio band.

A separate socket is provided for the connection of a transverter.

The FA-AS can be controlled with the band voltage or via the CI-V interface of the Icom transceiver.

In addition to the printed circuit boards and the processed and printed housing, the kit contains all the components required for assembly. Only wired components are used.

New from firmware version 1.4 (2018): Extension by the 60 m band, parallel connection with other CI-V devices (CAT interface) possible without mutual interference.

Technical data

Suitable control units Icom-Transceiver
Control information tape tension/CAT interface
HF connections ≤ 4 antennas, 1 transverter, Z = 50 Ω, unbalanced
HF power ≤ 150 W
Frequency range for automatic operation 1,8…72 MHz
Through attenuation ≤ 0,1 dB
SWV ≤ 1,2
Antenna memory EEPROM
Operating voltage +12 …15 V
Power consumption ≤ 100 mA bei 13,8 V
Dimensions (W x H x D) 9.37 in x 33 mm x 9.45 in
Weight 4.05 lbs


Construction and Operations Manual [EN] Download 3.35 MB
English language construction and operations manual
Construction and Operations Manual [DE] Download 5.44 MB
German language construction and operations manual