Programmable Frequency Counter Module FA-ZM

Programmable Frequency Counter Module FA-ZM
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Product no.: BX-039-USD
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Products description

Programmable frequency counter module up to 50 MHz with additional functions (see FA 7/2013), display colour amber

Kit, consisting of SMD pre-assembled board and all required components, easy to assemble and configure.

Technical data

Frequency range 1 kHz to 50 MHz
Sensitivity ≤ 250 mV
Input impedance 750 Ω (bei 20 MHz)
Display maximum six digits, with unit of measurement, resolution 0.1 kHz
Display LCD, two-line, amber-yellow background illumination
Time base TCXO
Offset amounts four independent values from 0...30000 kHz, programmable in steps of 1 kHz, calculation mode adjustable for each offset amount (f+offset amount, f-offset amount or offset amount-f)
BFO-storage ± 0,1...5,0 kHz, programmable in 100 Hz steps, can be switched off
Scaler factor 1...256 (to correct the display value if a scaler is connected upstream)
Voltage display U1 Bar, 50 segments, end value 1...5 V programmable, switchable
Voltage display U2 0.1...30 V, flashing undervoltage display programmable, can be switched off
Power supply 7..24 V / 25 mA
Dimensions 2.75 in x 1.42 in x 0.63 in (WxHxD)