BX-222_0 : FiFi-SDR receiver kit 2.0

Interior view of preselector pcbInterior view of preselector pcbImage of completed kitImage of completed kit

Super compact SDR receiver for 0.1 … 30 MHz.

Reviewed in QST 9/2013. Steve Ford, WB8IMY says: “FiFi isn't the top performing software defined receiver on the market, but for less than $180 US, it is hard to beat.

Now improved version 2.0 with 192 kHz sound card IC AD1974 inside.

Si570 based, PC-controlled and powered via USB (250 mA). Firmware updates possible via Internet. Works with various SDR software (HDSDR and many others).

Both PCBs (main and preselector) come with all SMD parts preassembled.

Kit includes pre-machined enclosure made of cast aluminum. Size only 3⅛ x 2⅛ x 1 inch.

Attention: The FiFi-SDR was designed for use with older releases of Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8). For driver and software installation under Windows 10, please refer to the guide linked below.

$119.00 includes shipping and handling


Available presumably mid September 2018.


Supplemental english language quick assembly guide for FiFi SDR 2.0 kit.

FiFi-SDR driver and software installation guide for Windows 10.


Comfortable control software for FiFi SDR.

Official support page for FiFi SDR receiver.

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