BX-184 : Voice keyer kit

Image of assembled kitImage of assembled kit

Designed by DH8BQA. Stores up to 60 seconds of operators voice. Perfect for contests, QRP operation, use in hotel rooms etc.

EHAM.NET rating 5.0

Kit with SMD-preassembled PCB, some more through hole components, PTT switch, mic connector and electret. Replaces the original PCB of the Yaesu Mic MH-31 (FT-817 / 857 / 897, FT-950 etc.).

Via jumpers also usable for Kenwood and Icom Transceivers.

If you do not want to modify your original mic, please buy the BX-184M which includes an empty mic enclosure.

$55.00 includes shipping and handling


Supplemental english language quick assembly guide for BX-184 and BX184M.

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