Vector Antenna Analyzer FA-VA5 (pre-assembled)

Product no.: BX-245-99-USD

This kit ist 99 percent pre-assembled (you only have to solder the piezo buzzer yourself)

Radio amateurs who build their own antennas, appreciate the value of a vector antenna analyzer. The apparatus presented here as a kit is characterised by high accuracy, small dimensions and easy handling. It allows one port measurements in the frequency range 10 kHz to 600 MHz with a selectable system impedance of 25, 50 or 75 Ohms (BNC).

This kit is an improved version of the BX-240 Vector Antenna Analyzer Kit. It now includes an USB interface for connection with a PC and usage with VNWA Software by DG8SAQ (see Weblinks), a piezo buzzer for accoustic hints and selectable impedance (25, 50 or 75 Ohms). Firmware easily updateable by the user via USB-PC-Connection.

Easy to build with all SMD parts preassembled. Comes with pre-machined enclosure, english assembly and operating manual and selectable menue language (german/english).

Powered by 2 x AA alkaline batteries (50 mA average consumption without display backlight), Size only 5 ✕ 3½ ✕ 1 inch, weighs only  0,617 lb (including batteries). Batteries are not included in the kit.

A set of professional-grade SOL reference elements is available separately.


$ 195.00

VAT excl.

Vector Antenna Analyzer FA-VA5 (pre-assembled)