Roger Beep for Yaesu MH-31

Product no.: BX-186-USD

Kit for a replacement board for the Yaesu microphone MH-31 (FA 4/15), consisting of the board, the wired components including the programmed microcontroller as well as a construction and operating manual.
Only PTT and slide switches are required for the original microphone, but they can be easily dismantled. (In the picture to the article they are already mounted on the board, but they are not included in the kit).
In addition to the "classic" beep, the new replacement board offers four other different tone sequences, each of which can be selected at the touch of a button and saved permanently. In addition, an additional key combination can be used to generate a tuning tone if required.


$ 25.00

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Roger Beep for Yaesu MH-31