About Box 73 Amateurfunkservice GmbH

Box 73 Amateurfunkservice GmbH is, first and foremost, publisher of the german amateur radio magazine FUNKAMATEUR (german for radio amateur). This magazine has been on the market for over 60 years and today has the widest circulation of any amateur radio magazine in germany.

Worldwide, our circulation count is third only to QST (ARRL) and Japan’s CQ (JARL).

We offer worldwide subscription and our readers are as far-flung as Argentina, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Norway, Palau, Russia, Saudi Arabia or Thailand - to name just a few from over 120 countries.

FUNKAMATEUR print magazine

As QSLSHOP.COM, we offer layout and printing of high-quality QSL cards as a service to amateur radio operators. Our customers include amateur radio operators in the USA as well as many large DX-peditions which we sponsored.

Check your collection and you’ll find VK0IR, VK9LM, TT8DX, CN8WW, D2TT, 3B7RF and many others. Chances are good you find our brand "QSL-Shop" or "FUNKAMATEUR" on some of the cards in your collection.

In total we have printed more than 20 million QSL cards, over 4 million per year.

See our reviews on EHAM.NET.

Additionally, we operate a mail order business whose selection is also offered online as BOX73.DE (german language only). Our inventory, totaling nearly 2.000 items, includes books, software, RF components and ham radio kits.

Currently you are at our new english-language online shop for ham radio kits which may be of interest to amateur radio operators in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia and New Zealand. Items here can easily be purchased via PayPal.

If there are additional items you’d like to purchase from us, please consider registration at our full-fledged german online shop. As an alternative option, you can drop us a line via the contact form on this page and we’ll se what we can do for you.

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