BX-8x7 : Dynamic Compressor kit V2.0 for FT-8x7

Image of assembled kitImage of assembled kit

Easy to build external Dynamic Compressor especially for the Yaesu FT-817, but can also be used for other transceivers with the same microphone interface such as the FT-857, FT-897 or FT-900.

When transmitting SSB, dynamic compressor increases average transmitted power, and thus the audibility of a weak signal at the distant receiver, by at least one S-unit. This accessory is of special interest to amateur radio operators who work with lower transmitting power or wish to be better heard in a pile-up.

Based on SSM2165 (Analog Devices)

PCB with all SMD parts preassembled.

Powered over RJ45 cable (10 mA), no power supply or battery required.

Bestseller. Works really great.

$45.00 includes shipping and handling


New kit version in preparation.

Available presumably at the end of Q1/2018.


Dual-language (german/english) assembly guide.

MP3 file with two CQ calls during a summer thunderstorm situation. First call made without compressor, the second with the compressor turned on.


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